Let's Travel And Eat Good Food
Last one!! Cheesecake from THE SUGAR RUSH! For orders and inquiries, visit their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas or contact them 09175712828. Enjoy “shopping” food!! hihi :P~ Thank you!!! Please support :D

Last one!! Cheesecake from THE SUGAR RUSH! For orders and inquiries, visit their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas or contact them 09175712828. Enjoy “shopping” food!! hihi :P~ Thank you!!! Please support :D

Another one from THE SUGAR RUSH - CUPCAKES!!! Who wouldn’t love moist chocolate cupcakes with all those yummy toppings?? Hihi :p~ If you want to order and know more about the details (like catering, prices, where they supply their goodies, etc.), visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas or simply type The Sugar Rush into your search engine. You could also contact them via SMS! Here’s their number: 09175712828. Thank you!!! Please support! :D

Another one from THE SUGAR RUSH - CUPCAKES!!! Who wouldn’t love moist chocolate cupcakes with all those yummy toppings?? Hihi :p~ If you want to order and know more about the details (like catering, prices, where they supply their goodies, etc.), visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas or simply type The Sugar Rush into your search engine. You could also contact them via SMS! Here’s their number: 09175712828. Thank you!!! Please support! :D

Helping out a friend!! Please do buy these cute-yummy-chewy cookies from THE SUGAR RUSH!! I already tried them! They’re DELICIOUS :p~ Hihi.                    If you want to order and know more about their details (like catering, where they supply their goodies, etc.), you can visit their site (http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas) or you could contact this number (09175712828) :D Thank you!! Please support!!

Helping out a friend!! Please do buy these cute-yummy-chewy cookies from THE SUGAR RUSH!! I already tried them! They’re DELICIOUS :p~ Hihi. If you want to order and know more about their details (like catering, where they supply their goodies, etc.), you can visit their site (http://www.facebook.com/thesugarrushbyedwardrojas) or you could contact this number (09175712828) :D Thank you!! Please support!!

Hassan Kabab and Steaks Update! (06/01/12)


So obviously, Hassan is one of our favorite places to eat! Haha! Pea ordered his all time favorite - shawarma plate (if you want to read my previous post about Hassan here you go, click the link: http://tmblr.co/ZkqBexLDlKLx)! Whenever we eat there he’ll always say "Sarap talaga dito!" :)) Then I wanted to try something new… Keema with mozarella cheese! And I loved it! Super yummy and sulit! Then you just have to order their rice with butter for P20 and huwala! You have a 110 peso meal! :D You guys have to try this + flood it with their different kinds of sauce! Yummeehhh =P~

P.S. Thanks Paola Paguio aka PP for recommending this to me!!! SARAP :D

Foodtrip # 4: Cafe Cristina (04/09/12)

Since it’s the 9th of April - our 10th month of being together, Pea and I decided to eat lunch/merienda at a simple cafe near Shopwise Antipolo before (me) going to my friend’s house at Cottonwoods and (him) go play football and go biking. This will only be quick since I didn’t get the chance to take “proper” photos. Hahaha I really don’t know why so I’ll be borrowing some pictures from other bloggers! :)

Summer vacation is my favorite time of the year but the worst part of having summer vacation is your parents cutting your allowance… HAHAHA. That’s why Pea and I just decided that if we want to eat somewhere new, we’ll just find restaurants, carinderia, cafe, etc. near our place and we should have a budget!! (Most important hahaha)

So let me now introduce you to Cafe Cristina…. :)

Got this picture from freshlink.blogspot.com :)

Cashier part…

My camera’s turn! The other side…

Menu #1

Menu #2

While waiting for our order… We seated near the well. Hehe :p

His turn! Hahaha :))

Their bottle of water… Naaliw lang ako. HAHA :))


I forgot the name of this sandwich but I think it’s beef steak sandwich and it’s less than P150. Not bad at all! I actually liked the taste if it because it has meat, mushrooms, “gravy” sauce, lettuce, and powdered it with parmesan cheese. :) I would recommend you to try this!

Creamy carbonara for (if I’m not mistaken) P125! :) It also tasted good and it was okay for its price.

I guess I must say we shall go back here in able to explore more of their food! If you just want to eat simple breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner, this place will be okay. I think the food’s not really fancy and super wow but like what we’ve said, "Pwede na!" 

But what I really like/love about this place is actually THE PLACE or THE VIBE of the cafe. For me it was really relaxing to hang out there, be with your friends or your special someone and have a nice chit chat. Like most cafes, you can go online there for free or maybe read a book.

If Cafe Cristina is near to my home, I’ll definitely hang out there and will DEFINITELY try their food and drinks one by one. ;) If you want to relax and free your mind from all the stress, try out Cafe Cristina and see for yourself how the venue can help your mood!

HEHE pahabol picture of us! :p

P.S. Here’s the address and some infos about Cafe Cristina:

FBM Commercial Complex
ML Quezon St. San Roque
Antipolo City, Rizal 1870
Phone: 697-1721
9AM – 12MN Mondays to Sundays

Foodtrip # 3: Jacob’s (12-inch) Shawarma (04/17/12)

I’M BACK!!! So obviously I’m sort of a lazy “blogger”… Hahahaha! I just blog whenever I’m in the mood. :))

So anyway, it has been my hobby always that when I get bored, I browse food blogs and also view the deals in metrodeal, ensogo, cashcashpinoy, etc. But seriously they have really great deals when it comes to clothes, vacation places, FOOD, accessories, and EVERYTHING. Just wanna share! I got my LongChamp from cashcashpinoy for only P3,500 and I guarantee you, it is ORIGINAL. :)

So as I was browsing, I saw this deal from metrodeal that instead of paying P200 for a 12-INCH SHAWARMA, we’ll only pay P115. That’s a steal right!? I mean the shawarma is 12 inches long soooo… SUPER SULIT!!! So I really grabbed the chance because I know Pea will love it here and I’m also enticed by the thought of its size!! HAHA. Their shawarma is not the typical shawarma that we eat everywhere because it’s a Turkish shawarma.

Sorry this is kinda awkward (HAHA) but this naked man is the owner of the restaurant! And yes, his name is Jacob. Haha. He said that he created this restaurant because he can’t really find the authentic taste of shawarma and so he built his own shawarma place to share its authentic taste!

That’s the logo of his restaurant… His face. Haha! The only branch that they have is in Ortigas, I think behind Robinsons Galleria. Here’s their address: Sapphire Road Ortigas Center AIC Grande Tower, 1605 Pasig.

Jacob is really dedicated to his restaurant because he was there when we visited. And also, the blogs that I’ve read said that Jacob “guards” his restaurant almost the whole day. And he tries to chit chat with his customers just like what he did to us when we went there. :)

Their menu is pretty unique! Let me tell you why…

Monday & Thursday: Chicken

Tuesday & Saturday: Beef

Wednesday & Friday: Salmon

They have different set of menu for each day. But we decided to go on a Tuesday so that we could try their best seller - BEEF SHAWARMA. :) Their menu is pretty pricey that’s why we’re lucky enough to get a voucher lesser than the original price of the food.

While waiting for our food, I took some shots of the place. :)

The “painting” inside the restaurant

They have their freedom wall! And look! they have those pink trash cans per table where you can easily throw your garbage. Very smart! :)

We also brought our friend G-ann Santos! Hi G-ann! I hope you’re reading this. Hehe. Thank you for going with us! :D



So why did I say that it’s different from other shawarma? 

1) It was really BIG.

2) They used lots of herbs and spices to make the shawarma really tasty. Can’t believe that Pea liked it because it has mixed veggies and we all know he hates veggies!!! :))

3) They have salmon shawarma! Diba the usual shawarma is chicken and beef only?

4) Instead of using the typical WHITE SAUCE, they recommend to use LEMON SAUCE then put a little SALT and poof! PERFECT!!! :D Really love the combination of it. It makes the shawarma way way better!

The whole shawarma when not cut into half! (Got the photo from: http://www.foodtrippings.com/mediterranean/first-taste-of-turkish-shawarma-at-jacobs/)

Ordered their homemade apple juice for P50 and their Turkish yogurt drink for P50.

I say that their apple juice was really refreshing and a perfect match for the shawarma… It really tasted good. But I don’t think the price of the drink (considering the size) was reasonable. And as for their Turkish yogurt drink, I really didn’t like it. :( Maybe because the flavors for the yogurt drink were not available anymore. Not really recommending it for you guys… :( But maybe try the one with flavors! Saw a group of working men & women bought it! :)

And the finale!!! Our picture together. HAHA. Will never get tired of eating with you beybeh! Hahahahaha :))

There you go! Another place for you to explore! :) Maybe I’ll rate this experience a 4/5. Don’t get me wrong I really did like their shawarma but the prices of their food are really expensive for us so it was kinda hard to order variety of food… Y'know eschudent pa lang kami. HAHAHA! We want food appropriate for their price!

But please do visit the place soon! Really a whole new taste of shawarma. :)

P.S. Visit their website for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacobs-shawarma/238820342817229

Foodtrip # 2: Zark’s Burgers (03/10/12)

This was the day when Pea treated me for his birthday! His birthday landed on a weekday/school day (March 6) that’s why we decided to celebrate it on a weekend… Weekend = More time to bond! :)

This day was really memorable and fun because first, we got the chance to slash one restaurant on our list again, then second, we got to experience Manila Ocean Park for the first time!!! But maybe I’ll talk about Manila Ocean Park next time… Let’s just focus on Zark’s Burgers first! Hehe.

So why did we choose Zark’s Burgers?

1) BURGERS = MEAT. The birthday boy loves meat!

2) Not expensive at all! Their prices are appropriate for the serving size, quality, and the taste of the food.

3) I’ve read blogs and most of them loved it and said “A MUST TRY!”!

4) The same reason forever - WE WANTED TO TRY NEW FOOD/RESTAURANTS

Menu #1

Menu #2

Latest and updated menu


I got this THREE-POINTER for P125

It’s still the THREE-POINTER. It’s a burger with three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, and cheese sauce) served with lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onions.

I’m not really a fan of burgers and I try my best to refrain from eating it but since it’s his birthday, and his treat, I was so game! HAHA. I actually liked it because they used homemade patty (the reason why it was sooo juicy) and it has overflowing cheese! But honestly, hirap hirap ako makaubos medyo malaki siya HAHAHA.

Pea got this DEEP FRIED BURGER for P155 (1/4 pound) or P185 (1/2 pound). I think he ordered the 1/2 pound! What a meat monster! Haha.

DEEP FRIED BURGER: It’s a deep fried mushroom cheeseburger with a choice of sauce on the side! They said that this should be on your top 10 food-to-eat-before-you-die!

This burger is actually unique because the actual bun/bread is crispy! For me it really matches the juiciness of the patty, cheese, and their sauce (I think it’s BBQ sauce). :) It’s really not the usual burger that you eat from everywhere. I do recommend that you guys try this because ewan ko kakaiba lang talaga yung tinapay. HAHAHA! It’s something different that makes a person happy because it’s some sort of a fulfillment that you’ve tried and discovered something new! HAHA ewan ko ganon lagi ko nafefeel sa pagkain. :)) I’m so passionate about food! So hard to explain! Moving on…. HAHA :)) 

CHIX N CHIPS for P95. Chicken fingers served in buffalo sauce!

Since I really love chicken, I asked Pea to order this for me and hooray! REALLY SUPER YUMMYYYYY! It’s like the chicken tenders from Flaming Wings but their sauce is different. SARAP PAPAKIN SWEAR! I’ll definitely order this again when I get back to Zark’s! :D

DEEP FRIED SNICKERS ALA MODE FOR DESSERT!!!! (I think it’s for P120… Not really sure but it’s less than P150!) It’s actually similar to wicked oreos but instead of using oreos they used snickers but I guarantee you… HEAVEN ANG SARAP! Too sweet, yes but it’s tolerable. If you’ll ask me if I can finish this alone, NO. Haha. That’s why when we order, we always share. :p

They also have this kind of game that if you finish their JAWBREAKER for 5 minutes, it’s FREE!!! Then if not, you have to pay P250. Hehe. :p I witnessed 2 men accepted the challenge during this day! But unfortunately, they failed.. Huhu.

So if you’re interested and just wanna ignore all the calories (HAHAHAHA), visit Zark’s Burgers!!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT ;)

P.S. Visit their site for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zarks-Burgers/125052717215

Foodtrip # 1: Hassan Kabab and Steaks (03/03/12)

Helloooo! It’s time to blog about our date, and intimate date with food! HAHA! We’ve been to many restaurants, stalls, carinderia, etc. And FOOD is really our BONDING!!! :) We are not really picky we just want to try and try and try everything. HAHA.

Lately, or maybe since last year, I really wanted to blog about our adventure in exploring new food! And now is my opportunity to blog because I have nothing to do this summer! Heehee. But I do have some blog posts about our “food bonding” before and also with my sister! Check this out:

1. LGA FASTFOOD, ONGPIN STREET, CHINA TOWN - http://cescapade.tumblr.com/post/16342968890/lga-fastfood-ongpin-street-china-town-01-21-12

2. UNCLE MOE’S SHAWARMA HUB - http://cescapade.tumblr.com/post/6377551138/uncle-moes-shawarma-hub-06-08-11

I am not really grammar conscious when it comes to blogging so if you see some errors, please bear with me. Teehee. :p And I just blog just because it’s more of a hobby and I wanted to share these delicious places! (Hindi ako super nangkakarir HEHEHE.)

So let’s talk about Hassan! Hassan is one of the restaurant or food stall that’s on our list (You don’t have any idea how long our list is. It gets longer and longer everydayyyyy.) because first, Pea loves meat as in SUPER, and second, it’s not that expensive. ;)

The branch that we went to was near Sta. Lucia (felix Ave. Cainta City). But it’s nearer to Brickroad. They also have a branch in Katipunan!

As you can see it’s an open space, no aircon, and it’s not really noticeable. We always pass by their restaurant whenever we go home and we always tell to each other that we want to try this and we did it! Haha. We dined there more than once so obviously it’s really yummy for us. :p And oh! They’re already building a new place there and I think it has aircon already.

It’s time to make you hungry!!!

Their menu! Got this from: http://ph.openrice.com/manila/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=30057

I ordered this kabab (chicken & beef) plate and if I’m not mistaken it costs around P115-P120 :) Not really bad right? I like the beef kabab better. Mukhang onti pero nabusog ako swear!

Pea’s order: Shawarma plate for P75 :) Sulit na sulit!! Again, mukhang onti pero busog ka na diyan! 

KEEMA PIZZA FOR ONLY P150!!!!! My favoriiiiiiite you have to try this so yummyyyyy :D

Their 6 different sauces! Garlic chili, garlic pepper, garlic cheese, garlic herb, classic garlic, hot sauce. Love ittt!

Ox brain for P65!! I also love this… It looks yucky but hey don’t judge a book by its cover! Bwahahaha :)) MASARAP YAN PROMISE!!! (Got the photo from: http://www.foodspotting.com/reviews/1709560)

Hindi kumpleto ang blog kung wala kaming picture. Nyahahaha!

So there, I hope you enjoyed my post! :D Find time to try out this restaurant! This might not be the super "Wow ang sarap heaven!!" but for me it’s worth the penny and I was really happy with what I have tried on their menu! Sulit and tipid dates? This might be the one for you! :)

P.S. Stores open during Monday to Sunday from 11AM - 4:30AM. If you also want to check their site, here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hassan-kabab-and-steaks/163338867015145

Anawangin Cove, Zambales Part II (05/06/12)

So basically, this post is just the continuation of my last post (http://tmblr.co/ZkqBexL2SZhV) and will just contain some of the beach pictures. :)

If you want to know more about Pundaquit San Antonio, Zambales, (directions, rates, activities, etc.) just click this link: http://www.pundaquit.com/

Let’s get started with the pictures!!! Hahahahaha

Left part of the beach

Chillin’ inside our kubo HAHA

Chillin’ inside our kubo #2 HAHA

The shooooore

After going down the mountain…. So happy I’m alive! Hahahahaha

With my cousin! First time to show my mighty legs…. Keri na yan!!!

Kahiya sa katabi kong macho….. -_- HAHAHA

Last picture! Meet my cheesy parents :p Hehe

There you go! Sorry for bombarding too many pictures. Just wanna share the love! Hahaha chosa. I guess summer vacation is the only time for me to blog and share everything what’s on my mind. :) Have to grab the opportunity! Hehe. Bye bye!

Anawangin Cove, Zambales Part I (05/06/12)

First taste of sand this summer!!!!

Wow… I haven’t updated my tumblr since… I don’t know HAHA. And it’s like I’m having a hard time again to write what’s on my mind. Oh well :)) Anyway, just wanna share my experience to this beautiful-wonderful-majestic island! Heehee.

My dad told us last week that we’re going to visit Zambales again but this time, at San Antonio. We usually stay at Sta. Cruz Zambales because my dad was born there which is very convenient if we want to go to the beach… Since they have a house there, it means less expenses and more comfortable place to stay. :)

We left the house at 4:30AM and arrived at Pundaquit more or less 10AM. I’m not really sure of the time because I wasn’t checking it since I was really having fun during the trip. Haha excited much! I was with my parents, Saka (my cousin), and Pea. So glad and thankful that my dad invited them to go with us! Thanks Pa!

As we arrived at Pundaquit, we need to take a boat going to Anawangin. Actually, it is also the same boat ride if you want to go to Capones, Camara, and Nagsasa Island. We brought along my dad’s two friends (one is his patient, and the other one is his patient’s friend HAHA) so that we could have tour guides going there.

As we arrived at Anawangin, the beach wasn’t as good as Potipot Island but don’t get me wrong it was a fine beach. Not really ugly! We still enjoyed swimming and playing at the shore. :) But I found out that Anawangin is an island for camping. I saw a river where you can go fishing, mountains where you can go hiking, poso - the thing that you need to pump just to get water, bonfire, and lots of tents. Signal and electricity is also unavailable so you just have to enjoy the “native life” hehe :) So if you want to experience the “beach life,” Capones Island is the one for you. I heard the island has white sand but since it’s summer, the island is more populated..

Going to continue my story while showing some (or lots) of pictures!

Boat ride

There goes my cousin crossing the river! Love those pine trees behind her! (Heading to the beach… Also ready for hiking!)

After swimming a bit, we decided to eat lunch first then go for hiking! It was really hot that day but I don’t really care I just want to do everything/the available activities that I can do there! Let’s go nognog hahahaha

First few steps going up the mountain! Masaya pa ako diyan… :))

Stolen! So let me tell you the story behind this picture…. Kakatapos ko lang umiyak diyan. HAHAHAHA! I got really scared when we were “climbing” the mountain (literal HAHA chos) because the pathway was so narrow and I can see the lower part of the mountain… Pero seryoso pwedeng pwede ka na gumulong sa bangin!!! You don’t have anything to hold on while going up. It was really scary because if you just slipped a little you can DIE! Huhu. Not exaggerating :(

So I was resting there, Pea was comforting me, and I was calming myself… Thinking if I should continue going up…

So I decided to stand up, smile, and continue the “journey” (HAHAHA) because I want to enjoy and experience new things! I want to see the view up there!

Walking and walking… Pea being the most supportive and patient boyfriend as ever :p

After walking and walking and walking…. Tada! Priceless view <3 You can’t really appreciate the picture that much but if you’re actually there, it was really BEAUTIFUL I PROMISE :)

Me and my cousin, feeling so powerful wahahaha

I did this on purpose because I just want to let you see the viewwww hayyy lovely lovely view :)

The other side of the mountain :)

Close na agad sila HAHA

He wants a picture with the big tree :))

The hills are aliiiiiive with the sound of music! Ha aahh aahh ahh :)) Going down now… Yay happy us! :)

So thankfully, we arrived safe at the shore. Heehee lalang, just kept on laughing inside my mind when I remembered I cried during the hiking. Such a shame! Oh well at least I still continued the “journey” hahaha :))

After hiking we went straight to the beach. Swimming, running, and playing at the shore! Left the island at around 4-5PM because if we go later that time, the waves are stronger and it will be harder for us to go back to Pundaquit.

It was really an enjoyable experience for us! I not only got the chance to bond with my parents and my cousin but I also got the chance to bond and experience this wonderful outing with Pea! :) Lagi pa niya sinasabi sakin today na “Ang saya talaga kahapon… :)” I think more than three times? HAHA.

Anawangin hangover!! See you soon again, Zambales ;)

P.S. Will post some beach pictures on my next post hehe

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